D. Salinger brought into the items in the new Glass drug closet

The brand new matron regarding honor divulges the information you to definitely she’s in earlier times gained about bride’s mommy (who may have consulted her doctor) one Seymour is schizoid and you may, probably, a hidden gay

/. While the bodily facts are not excessively luggage but practical, for each object pull its very own weight. A major analogy try Zooey’s cigar, and that functions as procedure and you will good ballast each other so you can his limited build and to his esoteric tendencies regarding imagine: his cigar have Zooey rooted. When it comes to profundity, these afterwards tales discuss less the brand new phoniness of community in addition to care about (just like the Catcher did) nevertheless the other hand of money, the causes of belief and you may stability that allow an individual to help you be prepared for themselves and world. Even if any sort of skills the latest courses keeps have to be, eventually, caused by Salinger, when he possess dramatized they through the Cups, there can be higher use made throughout out-of what would be titled secondary supply; often these types of books feel like studying listings to own programmes within the relative faith, or indexes getting spiritual encyclopedias. The guy and you can Seymour, Pal’s letter to help you Zooey shows, desired Franny and you will Zooey „understand who and you may exactly what Jesus and you may Gautama and Lao-tse and Shankaracharya and you may Hui-neng and you will Sri Ramakrishna“ have been prior to studying „excessively“ in the Homer, Shakespeare, Blake, or Whitman. Needless to say this process is not new to Salinger, but don’t in advance of did it apparently threaten narrative or displace motif. Nevertheless, within their ideal Salinger produces it material functional, using into people crisis he is portraying. Friend states within his prologue in order to „Zooey“: „I declare that my personal latest giving is not a strange story, otherwise a consistently mystifying tale, anyway. / say it’s a material, or multiple, like tale, sheer and you may challenging.“ Salinger’s afterwards functions really should not be comprehend because religious tracts, no matter how enticing this new training directories generate such as for example an interpretation. Zooey himself demonstrates new huge point splitting up cold weather posted terms and conditions of sages, yet not wise, and also the loving peoples work regarding genuine, breathing involvement with anybody when he converts away from thirty-five

The latest narrator Friend try a school professor exactly who lectures into faculty once a week to the Zen and you may Mahayana Buddhism

Seymour’s bulletin board away from miscellaneous information to inform Franny regarding Pounds Girls and also the flies. Regarding a couple reports of Boost Highest the newest Rooftop Beam, Carpenters; and you will Seymour: An intro, Pal Cup remains the narrator during the, and you will in the place of suppressing themselves, as in „Zooey,“ tends constantly becoming his own leading man. During the „Improve Higher“ Pal are an effective soldier into exit to go to his brother’s wedding inside the New york when you look at the 1942, however, Seymour will not come. The latest bride to be, Muriel, try remaining prepared on church, so you’re able to every person’s nightmare, however, things are produced best when Seymour after elopes with her. The storyline is alarmed, for this reason, not really much towards relationships just as in the new reaction of numerous people, as well as Pal, so you’re able to Seymour’s unusual conclusion . Once a long waiting during the chapel, and you may pursuing the bride keeps left together moms and dads, Pal will get caught within the an excellent taxicab on bride’s matron from honor along with her lieutenant spouse, having a cousin of the bride-to-be, along with a small deafmute just who actually is the bride’s dad’s uncle. The taxicab will get involved of the a parade plus the conversation on Seymour lurches and you will languishes, using up new lease of life if understandably troubled matron from prize finds out one Pal are a sis of groom. When he was a child, the matron out of honor applies with some relish, the guy struck among women to the Cup child’s broadcast system, „It’s a wise Guy“ – the newest strike necessitating nine stitches when confronted with their, now a famous celebrity. When the occupants of taxi ultimately get-out to locate a cool drink, the spot they are is actually signed and you will Pal will bring them all up to their and you will Seymour’s regional flat, in which it wonder along the images of Mug prodigies, take in some quickly concocted Tom Collinses, and you will prod Friend which have a bit aggressive questions relating to his thirty-six

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